Dear Readers,

As the Look to the Stars UK Correspondent and Photographer I get to see many inspiring things throughout the year. I’ve seen charities raise two million pounds and I’ve helped raise over £50,000 for good causes.

Last Christmas I held a very special Christmas party at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. I work as Trustee for the Children With AIDS Charity. I’ve sent gifts to children in England, Romania, Kenya and India. I’ve also held a Christmas party at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the past. I feel that it’s an honour and a privilege to be in a position which enables me to make a positive difference. Helping the children is the most rewarding thing that I do as a Trustee and a fundraiser.

For the event I was supported by Hayley Mac who is Miss Galaxy 2010. We met at the Butterfly Ball. Whilst we were talking I soon discovered that we share a passion for supporting good causes. Hayley said that she really enjoyed meeting children. They really like her crown and I’ve heard that they confuse Hayley with a real Princess. I’m so pleased that she attended my Christmas party. I know that she added a little bit of magic to the children’s day.

I’d like to thank Sony and Paramount Pictures for supplying us with gifts for the children.

I’d also like to thank BrightMinds Ltd and Rob at for donating toys.

My thanks goes out to Hayley Louise Butcher who encouraged me to make things happen.

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Richard Barker was nominated for Britain’s Most Inspiring Fundraiser; and currently supports the Children with AIDS, for which he launched the Make A Child Smile Appeal in 2004.

Richard’s photos of celebrity charity events can be seen on Flickr.

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