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Ben Affleck and Patricia Heaton were on hand at the California National Guard Armory on Sunday, December 14, as part of Operation Gratitude.

The pair joined thousands of volunteers as they helped put together over 100,000 care packages for troops stationed overseas.

Operation Gratitude started out as a small operation but has now become one of the largest military support organizations in the world, with over 400,000 care packages delivered to troops deployed in combat zones. Each package costs $10 to prepare and ship, and contains food, toiletries, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation.

Affleck is also excited that his short film about the Congo is to be shown at UN Headquarters this week.

“I made a film for the U.N.,” Ben told Access Hollywood. "It’s an issue that I care a lot about – which is what’s going on in the Congo. So, I made this film for the UNHCR, which is the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. I really am passionate about the humanitarian situation in the Congo, so I made a film about refugees – kind of centered around what’s happening in the Congo. I’m screening it at the U.N. on the 17th of December, as the opening to a discussion that they’re doing there about refugees."

Affleck also got some very special celebrity help for his film: "The film is set to the Rolling Stones song, “Give Me Shelter,” which was donated by the Rolling Stones. It’s another step of being active in the humanitarian space and I’ve been really honored that the U.N. has asked me to make this film and is allowing me to participate in their discussion about refugees which will follow the screening of the film."

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