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Quickly identify potential celebrities for your campaign

It can be hard to know who to approach. Our unique research tools help you understand where to start, and improve your campaign's chances:

  • Learn which celebrities care most about your cause

    Wondering which celebrities are most heavily involved with cancer charities? Get access to this data for dozens of causes.

  • Compare celebrities' social media presence & reach

    We analyze celebrity social media accounts daily, letting you identify celebrities with the greatest reach.

  • Discover celebrities with links to specific places

    Looking for people with connections to your country or region? Our filter tools help you find them.

  • Search by age range, field (e.g. music) and more

    Easily focus on twenty-something sportspeople, or veteran television stars.

  • Combine searches to pin-point celebrities

    Need a young US television personality with links to children's charities and a good social media presence? Our tools let you identify candidates.

Access our members-only calendar of upcoming events

Be the first to know about forthcoming celebrity/charity events.

Understand non-profits with celebrity supporters

Use many of the same tools to find successful celebrity-supported non-profits and learn what they're doing.

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