Celeb chef Jamie Oliver is partnering with Causes.com to celebrate his birthday next Friday, May 27th. This year, the Naked Chef has one Birthday Wish: to raise $25,000 for the Spark a Food Revolution – Train 1,000 Food Revolutionaries Foundation and is working with Causes.com, the largest platform for online activism and philanthropy, to make it come true.

Jamie launched his Birthday Wish campaign on Causes.com last week, asking friends, family, fans and supporters to take part in making his Birthday Wish come true by donating to the foundation. The Causes.com based Birthday Wish also allows fans to send personalized birthday cards to the Naked Chef.

Jamie’s vision for America’s Food Revolution is simple: empower people everywhere to fight obesity by creating a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food and inspire families to cook again. Spark a Food Revolution – Train 1,000 Food Revolutionaries will work to ensure that cooking skills are not lost in Los Angeles. Over the last few weeks, 20 culinary arts teachers have lost their jobs due to school budget cuts. Kids across the city no longer have access to cooking classes that gave them professional training to get a job or the basic skills critical to feed themselves and their families properly in adult life. Donations will help fund the creation of an inspiring training program that will teach LA locals to run cooking classes in schools and community centers.

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