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Scottish singer Sandi Thom is taking part in a shocking new advertising campaign to warn youngsters of the dangers of sunbeds and skin cancer.

Cancer Research UK has published a series of photos of the singer depicting how Thom could look through overexposure to UV rays, which the charity said in some sunbeds can be 10 to 15 times higher than those of the midday sun. The images show severe skin damage in the singer, which could be caused by overexposure to UV from sunbed use or regular sunbathing.

“I’m in a state of shock at the thought of looking like this at 57 is terrifying,” said 27-year-old Thom. “Having seen these images I can honestly say I am never going to use a sunbed again. You can so easily get brown from a bottle these days, there is just no point in ruining your looks and risking skin cancer by using sunbeds. I hope the horrible image of me will make other young people think twice before they next use a sunbed.”

The images can be seen at the charity’s SunSmart website.

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