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Model Petra Nemcova, along with Marie Claire and Priority Films, hosted the New York premiere screening of indie film Holly earlier this month, followed by the Global Heroes After Party fundraiser.

Writer-producer Guy Jacobson and actress-producer Adi Ezroni received the Global Heroes awards this year for their work on Holly – starring Ron Livingston – and for their efforts against human trafficking. Holly is about a Vietnamese little girl who is sold into prostitution in Cambodia, a tragically common real life story. It’s part of Priority Films’ K-11 Project triology, along with two documentaries: the secretly filmed K-11 Journey about the life-threatening challenges of filming Holly on location, and The Virgin Harvest which records child prostitute victims revealing their stories in live time.

Proceeds of the benefit party went to the Redlight Children Campaign, which aims to raise awareness and pressure governments to end “child sexploitation”. According to their website, “While traveling in Phnom Penh, Jacobson encountered a barrage of young girls, some just five years old, aggressively soliciting prostitution. The horror was not lost on him.”

“If you knew you had a child molester living next door to you,” asks Livingston, “would you intervene? Would you have a right to intervene? Would you have an obligation to? And how is [Cambodia] different just because it’s across the world? It’s harder. That’s how it’s different. It’s harder.”

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