Tricia Helfer and PETA are encouraging people to keep their cats inside.

Tricia Helfer's PETA Ad
Tricia Helfer's PETA Ad

From : “Tricia Helfer wonders why people intentionally jeopardize their cats’ safety when they wouldn’t think of treating their dogs the same way. Knowing that cats who roam outside rarely die of old age, Tricia explains why the outdoors is the worst possible place for your feline friend and shares tips on how to protect and enrich your cat’s life. It’s only a matter of time before cats who are left outside become victims of accidents, intentional violence, disease, or other animals. They’re vulnerable, and they depend on us for protection as well as for a safe, stimulating environment and lots of love.”

Video: Tricia Helfer Says Cats Need Safe Shelter, Too!

Find out more about keeping cats indoors here.

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