Grammy Award and Emmy Award-nominated artist, Kenna, announced today that he will become the first-ever One-For-One Artist.

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This initiative is in accordance with launching his crowdfunding campaign for his long awaited 3rd album, Songs For Flight, which features Kenna’s new single “Sleep When We Die.”

As a One-For-One Artist, Kenna is bypassing the traditional music business model and crowdfunding the production of his next album, Songs For Flight. With his commitment to improving the world through the business of music, up to 50% of his profits will go directly to deserving causes around the world – causes and social issues that he and his fans care about.

“I feel like this is a way to empower my art to create change through the connection I have with my fans,” said Kenna. “The hope is that the music serves as a conduit for the good my fans and I want to see in the world.”

To launch this campaign, he’s embarking on a brand sponsored worldwide tour to meet people who affect change in the world, artists and his fans to film the music video for the first song from Songs for Flight, “Sleep When We Die.” Beginning September through October 2015, Kenna will visit Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Chennai, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, New York, Haiti and Mexico City where fans are all invited to come out and participate in filming.

Kenna’s philanthropic focus over the last few years has been in water, women empowerment and the arts. Having supported organizations like charity:water, I AM THAT GIRL and Americans for the Arts, he’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions in appropriations for causes over the years.

“Kenna has a passion for bringing clean water to people in developing countries and been a charity:water supporter since the very beginning,” said Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO, charity:water. “I’ve always admired Kenna’s commitment to connecting his life’s work to social change. This project is just another example of Kenna’s dedication to having a greater impact on the world and I cannot wait to see what happens!”

To learn more about Kenna’s musical journey and how you can be involved, visit

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