In a steamy new PETA campaign, the glamorous Lucy Watson appears wrapped in nothing but a fluffy feather-free duvet next to the words “Choose Comfort Without Cruelty”.

Lucy Watson: Choose Comfort Without Cruelty

In a cheekier version of the ad, the Made in Chelsea actor wears lavender lingerie and sits confidently in bed next to the words “Feather Bedding? Go Pluck Yourself”.

In an exclusive video interview with PETA, Watson explains why her bed and wardrobe are now down-free: “[The feathers] are plucked continuously and forcefully from the birds, and sometimes, they die just from the shock”. The socialite says feather-free bedding is just as sumptuous. “It’s cruelty free, allergy-free and most of the time, it’s less expensive”, she says. “Next time you’re out buying duvets or pillows, if it says ‘down’ on the label, leave it on the shelf.”

As seen in PETA US’ video exposé of the down industry, birds used for down are tightly restrained as feathers are violently torn from their bodies, often resulting in gaping wounds. The down industry also helps support producers of foie gras – which is made by forcing tubes down the throats of geese and ducks and pumping grain into their stomachs until their livers become enlarged and diseased – as the feathers of many of the birds on foie gras farms are sold for down.

This is Watson’s third time teaming up with PETA. She has previously posed for the group’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign and posed for an ad encouraging her fans to “have a heart – try vegetarian”.

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