Malala Yousafzai graduated from secondary school last week, and blogged about the experience.

“I enjoyed my school years and I am excited for my future,” she wrote. "But I can’t help thinking of millions of girls around the world who won’t complete their education.

“I was almost one of those girls. The Taliban took over our beautiful home in Swat Valley and declared a ban on girls’ education. Our teachers told us to stop wearing our uniforms because it wasn’t safe. Every day I wondered if this would be my last day of school.

“Then came the day I dreaded most. I could no longer go to school. When my family fled our home, I worried I was leaving behind more than books and pens — I feared I was leaving behind my dreams for the future .

“I have often said that I share my story not because it is unique — but because it is not. The fear I had then is still felt today by 130 million out-of-school girls around the world.

“I was able to continue my education when the situation in my hometown got better, but I will never forget how it felt to have my future taken away from me.

“I promise to keep fighting until the day that every girl can put on her uniform, pack up her books and walk to school without fear.”

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