Neymar Jr., Brazil’s greatest contemporary soccer player and the highest-paid player in the history of soccer worldwide, will be the poster boy for Neymar Sports, a network of schools whose mission is to develop the main characteristics of the athlete Neymar Jr. and sport – creativity, unpredictability, quick technique and happiness – in children and adolescents.

The project, which supports superstar Neymar Jr’s. initiatives to educate and develop children and adolescents, is the result of a partnership between the company Neymar Sport Marketing, which has granted use of the athlete’s image to the Neymar Sports network of schools, with its respective partners and businesspeople.

Neymar Sports will focus not only on soccer; it will also focus on other sports, respecting cultures and including different methods in various countries, since the project will be expanded through the master franchise model in several regions and countries.

Neymar Sports plans on opening up to 100 units in four countries (Brazil, United States, Australia and China) over the next three years. “Our first unit will be in Miami, Florida, where interest in playing soccer has been growing,” Neymar da Silva Santos said.

According to Neymar da Silva Santos, creating sports schools will be a way to contribute to the development of thousands of children. “We also want to pay forward all of the support that Neymar Jr. received in his training as an athlete. In order to become a high-performing player, Neymar Jr. had the support of many dedicated people. With Neymar Sports we hope to bring these fundamental elements to youth all over the planet who also love sports.”

Charles Martins, who is heading the project, notes that Neymar Sports wants to become heavily involved in children and young people who today are very sedentary due to the use of technologies such as games, tablets and smartphones. “We want to encourage children aged 6 to 13 years to play sports, because this is the time when children and adolescents develop their motor skills. Practicing sports within a network that has an innovative methodology is a huge incentive for young people to get interested in sports,” he said.

“Having a global soccer school was always one of Neymar’s father’s wishes,” Marcus Buaiz said. “Neymar Jr. is someone whom millions of children and adolescents all over the world can look up to as a man and as an athlete as his name is synonymous with daring and happiness. It is precisely that characteristic of the superstar that we want to pass on to young people,” he concluded.

“Having a positive experience at the start of a child’s sporting life might be fundamental for the sports success of a future athlete, and that is what happened with my son,” said businessman Neymar da Silva Santos.

“At Neymar Sports, the high level of classes and student education is our focus, and the network’s values align with the values that guide Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.,” Altamiro Bezerra added.

The Neymar Sports website is already online, with more information and project details. Click on and check in out!

Neymar Sports will donate 1% of its revenues to Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., a private non-profit entity dedicated to social causes, with the capacity to serve thousands of children and adolescents every day. It is an educational and sports complex located in Jardim Gloria, in Praia Grande (SP), for children, adolescents and their families.

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