STEM, a new lineup of insecticides and repellents powered by plant-derived active ingredients, is kicking off a partnership with Pharrell Williams' educational organization, YELLOW, to encourage curiosity and inspire wonder through science and nature for the next generation.

Pharrell Williams' Non-Profit, YELLOW, and STEM
Pharrell Williams' Non-Profit, YELLOW, and STEM

Launched during Pharrell’s highly anticipated SOMETHING IN THE WATER music festival last weekend, Nature’s Escape is an interactive, in-person learning experience that invites families across the country to explore their curiosity around science and nature for free this summer.

Nature’s Escape, presented by STEM and Pharrell Williams’ YELLOW, features a set of insect-focused, multi-sensorial experiences that families can enjoy together. The experience will be on tour throughout the summer with stops in Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles as a fun, free activity that encourages families to get outside and learn with one another. In addition to gaining science and entomology knowledge, those who complete the experience this summer will also learn more about the new pest control line, as well as receive STEM samples and a fun takeaway.

“As a dad, I love to give my kids fun ways to cultivate their curiosity, which is a trait that has fueled my life as a creator, artist and advocate,” explained Pharrell Williams. “Being a creator isn’t just about entertaining, but also about being a voice for the communities that are often underserved. We’re proud to be partnering with STEM to inspire learning and scientific discovery, and to fuel growth through equitable schooling and education. Knowing STEM shares this goal of encouraging both children and adults to build an affinity for science and nature, as well as providing kids with accessible learning opportunities, we found a way to deliver an immersive, educational experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family this summer.”

Announced during SOMETHING IN THE WATER, STEM, in partnership with YELLOW, is also contributing $1 million to Williams’ educational organization to help make science and nature education fun and accessible for kids at the organization’s first micro-school, YELLOWHAB. Among other resources, YELLOW will use the funding to build a green roof immersive learning experience and garden beds that engage students in activities like planting vegetation that supports biodiversity and developing a circular food system for the surrounding area, host family and community workshops, and broaden and strengthen classroom programming.

“Our organization strives to empower, connect and enlist the community – and that begins and ends with access. The gracious contribution from STEM helps alleviate some barriers to learning and science education, all while showing our students how fun school can be,” states Stacey Owsley, Executive Director of YELLOW.

Between STEM’s development of products that are rooted in nature and optimized by science to be safe for use around kids and pets, when used as directed, and YELLOW’s commitment to help EVEN THE ODDS for all youth through science, technology, engineering and math education, the partnership presents the perfect synergy for fueling families’ curiosity this summer.

STEM is an innovative, new brand that recently launched from SC Johnson. SC Johnson has a long history of championing education, including collaborating with local and global partners to support youth, inspire innovation and broaden access to science, technology, engineering and math learning.

STEM insecticides and repellents were created by our entomologists to provide a choice for the significant number of families who are looking for alternatives to conventional pest control products,” said Alan VanderMolen, Chief Communications Officer, SC Johnson. “We are grateful to partner with Pharrell and YELLOW who share our commitment to making the world a better place with greater opportunity.”

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