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Veteran comedian John Cleese has made a new video to benefit charity.

“Many [people] know about my fondness for lemurs,” he said in an email. "I’ll take this opportunity to direct you towards my video, “Honoured,” which talks about the species of lemur named for me and the good work that the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust does to protect this endangered animal.

“The video is available for download from for a mere pittance, with proceeds going to benefit Conservation Matters. Thank you for your support.”

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is an organization born out of the passion and desire of one remarkable individual determined to do his bit to help endangered species worldwide. Gerald Durrell’s devotion to conservation was evident from an early age and he continued his work right up until his death in 1995. The international headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, officially opened at Les Augres Manor, Jersey, on 26th March 1959.

To download the video – at a cost of US$2.50 – click here.

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