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Actor Tobey Maguire has joined America’s Healthy School Lunch Campaign by writing letters to congressional leaders about the Child Nutrition Act.

“I am deeply concerned that unhealthy school lunches are contributing to our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic,” wrote Maguire. “School is tough enough already – students shouldn’t have to put up with lunches swimming in fat and cholesterol. It’s time for healthier options. The upcoming reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act offers a golden opportunity to help school lunch programs serve more fruits, vegetables and low-fat vegetarian meals.”

Current federal school lunch policies are somewhat disturbing as they encourage surplus beef ending up in schools across the country, resulting in daily servings of high-fat meals to millions of young children. This is deeply troubling to Maguire.

But parents are the only ones concerned – so are some of the children. TV personality Montel Williams' daughter, Wyntergrace Williams, has already presented 50,000 signatures to congress, urging vegetarian options for school lunches. She also put out a short video to promote the cause:

“Some of us don’t eat right – fast food, junk food,” she says in the clip. “Sometimes even our school lunches have too much fat and cholesterol. The answer is veggie chilli, veggie burgers, healthy food.”

“Young people deserve healthful food,” says Maguire, “and I can’t imagine a better investment in the future of our country.”

You can sign the petition here.

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