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Actress Natalie Portman has posted an urgent message on the FINCA website about the Haitian earthquake.

“The earthquakes that devastated Haiti this week only further the urgency of aid needed by this already-challenged nation,” she wrote. "Haiti is a place where small loans can make a big difference. 

FINCA Haiti has always held a special place in my heart. Small loans make an enormous impact on the lives of Haitian women currently living on less than $3 a day. And now, more than ever, Haitian women need these capital inputs to help themselves recover from this tragedy in a sustainable way.”

FINCA, the Foundation for International Community Assistance, provides financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. Portman has been an ambassador for the organization since 2004.

“As FINCA’s Ambassador of Hope, I am asking for your help,” she wrote. "Please help FINCA Haiti provide the resources to our Village Banking clients so they can begin to get back on their feet and build anew. There has rarely been a more urgent need for generosity.

“Please give what you can, and I thank you for your continued support of FINCA programs around the world.”

To make a donation, click here. Natalie’s full message can be found on the FINCA website.

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