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Bono was in Nairobi last month for the Pan African Media Conference where discussions took place about various issues relevant to the continent, but most important to Bono were the discussions on development.

A long time activist for African human rights, Bono joined academics, other activists and media to discuss ways in which to get Kenya on its feet and stay there. Bono’s ONE Campaign is particularly interested in the continent’s entrepreneurs who have ideas on developing paths and projects to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Bono said, “I am one of those who believes in brand Africa, a better Africa for Africans,” reported.

Bono has already been influential in his avocation of debt cancellation in developing countries, achieving some successes so far, but is concerned about proper management into the future, and for good reason. John Githongo, a member of ONE’s advisory board, was instrumental in exposing corruption in the Kenyan government earlier this decade.

“The world is watching Kenya,” Bono said. “If they see political intransigence and old guards refusing to change, investors will go and this will not benefit the country.”

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