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Rockers Rise Against were in Australia recently, and took the time to speak to Animals Unleashed about their thoughts on factory farming, and their decision as a band to become vegetarians.

“Factory farming is so distant from people’s mythical idea of what a farm really is,” they say in the video interview. "Our chickens are like three times the weight. They’re genetically bred to produce more eggs, to produce more breast meat. So they’re very mutant sorts of animals that would never be able to survive in the wild. In a sense, if you have 99% of your meat from factory farming, you’re feeding people animals that are sick. You’ve bred animals that are sick. And you’re keeping them just barely alive because you want a bigger profit margin.

“In the end there are more important things in the world than flavor. There are more important decisions you should be making about what you’re eating. Animals suffer, and they aren’t put here just for our benefit. But at some point we were all raised meat eaters too. We made that transition too. So I think I have a lot in common with people who do eat meat, because we were people who ate meat as well.”

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Source: Animals Unleashed Australia

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