Actor John Corbett has a new starring role: helping the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put a smack-down on wasting energy.

The star appears in a new video promoting EPA’s ENERGY STAR program’s 2011 National Building Competition, which pits teams from 245 buildings around the country against each other to see who can reduce their energy use the most. Corbett, the 2011 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition spokesperson (thanks to support from partner and co-sponsor jcpenney), offers encouragement for the competitors plus tips for how everyone can save energy at work in his new video, which can be seen here.

In the first six months of the competition alone, the competitors together have saved more than $3.7 million on utility bills and prevented 18,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions – that’s equal to the electricity used by 2,300 homes annually.

Corbett will be back in November to unveil the winner – the building with the largest percentage reduction in energy use, adjusted for weather and the size of the building.

For a look at the competition and all of Corbett’s videos, visit the Battle of the Buildings website.

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