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Pop sensation Shakira was in Washington D.C. yesterday (April 22) to promote the Global Campaign for Education “Action Week”, which runs from April 21-27. As the group’s honorary spokesperson, she appeared with members of Congress along with students from across the United States to promote the Education for All Act of 2007. This legislation will raise up to $3 billion by 2012 for the basic education globally for the 77 million disadvantaged primary school age children who are out of school.

“Universal education isn’t about charity – it’s about investment,” said 31-year-old singer. “By providing vulnerable children with a basic education we can create a better, safer world.”

Shakira was praised by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on April 21 by telephone for her work to help raise the need for educating disadvantaged children. Shakira also praised Brown, who as British Treasury Chief in 2006 pledged $15 billion over 10 years for education in the developing world.

Commenting on Brown’s interest in expanding education programs, Shakira said, “I could feel how passionate and enthusiastic he was about it.”

“She is inspiring people all over the world,” said Brown. “People who are household names help to galvanize public support all around the world on issues like education, or Darfur.”

The Global Campaign for Education charity group also hopes to generate support for some 226 million older children worldwide who lack access to their public school systems.

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