The Gary Sinise Foundation and The Tiny Soldier have announced a partnership that will result in a unique line of products, with 50% of proceeds from sales of the clothing going to the Foundation and 5% going to The Tiny Soldier’s favorite military service organization, Operation Gratitude.

“We are so excited to have The Tiny Soldier on board,” said Brook E. Finan on behalf of the Gary Sinise Foundation. “We share Janell’s passion for the military and are so happy to help spread support for our troops alongside The Tiny Soldier.”

The two organizations have created a special line of products that will be embroidered or screen printed with a new customized logo that blends the individual logos of each organization. Fifty-percent of the proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation. Five-percent of the proceeds will continue to go to Operation Gratitude. The Tiny Soldier has donated five-percent of all sales of its Tiny Soldier line to Operation Gratitude since the company’s first year of operation.

The logo is a new version of The Tiny Soldier logo, which includes a signature stick-figure character named Sherman. In the new logo version, the character’s shirt is embroidered with the Gary Sinise Foundation logo. The new figure is named Calvin.

“Calvin is all about ‘serving honor and need,’ remembering our defenders, giving back to our military, honoring our veterans and supporting our troops and their families-just like the Gary Sinise Foundation,” Tiny Soldier owner and founder Janell Mitchell explained. “Calvin is also about the importance of giving back and the hope of instilling in our nation’s youth a sense of patriotism and pride in the red, white and blue.”

Gary Sinise officially launched his Foundation – dedicated to serving the United States by honoring its defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need – in July.

New products will be announced as they are produced. Customers will be able to order products directly from The Tiny Soldier website. The Tiny Soldier also provides custom embroidery for ball teams, businesses, charity organizations and others. The embroidery and screen printed designs can be applied to nearly any fabric item a customer desires. For more information, call Janell Mitchell at 623-825-5057, or e-mail

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