The hunt is on! For 40 days and 40 nights London will be transfixed by the most astounding and exhilarating egg hunt it has ever seen. Launching on Shrove Tuesday, 21st February 2012, the English capital’s streets will become a thrilling adventure, a myriad of wonder, a world of inspiration.

Over 200 uniquely crafted eggs created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers will be displayed in central London. Join the hunt and journey through the city, picking up exciting clues along the way for a truly original and interactive Easter experience. Collect your map or download your app, gather your family and friends and get cracking, with a range of clues to suit even the savviest of Sherlocks. Many a special egg lays hidden and with online competitions bringing hunters together, are you up for the challenge?

Among the artists and designers involved are Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenburg, Sophie Dahl, Giles Deacon, Zandra Rhodes and many more.

Elephant Family and Action for Children are the two charities behind this exciting event. Their boundless passion and shared vision has brought them together to create The Big Egg Hunt and raise the money they both so urgently need. Eggs are a universally recognised symbol of new life, a fresh start and hope for the future – the bedrock of both the charities’ missions. Elephant Family is working to save the endangered animals in the wild from extinction through conservation projects. Action for Children challenges injustice and empowers children to overcome the obstacles in their lives that hold them back.

To find out more about The Big Egg Hunt, click here.

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