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Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto has joined forces with the BrazilFoundation and beverage company O.N.E. World Enterprises to bring fresh water to drought-prone communities in Brazil.

This summer, O.N.E. will donate a portion of sales proceeds from its all-natural, coconut water beverage to BrazilFoundation, which will use the money to build 200 wood-lined cisterns to collect rainwater for households in Brazil’s northeastern states of Pernambuco and Paraiba. Besides contributing to better health through the provision of safe drinking water, this will also cut the daily task of mothers and children walking miles to the nearest clean water supply.

Typical of his style, the bright, bold and lively label for the drink was designed by Romero Britto: “As an artist, I am privileged and honored to be able to lend my talent in support of this project. As a Brazilian from Pernambuco… I applaud companies like O.N.E. and the BrazilFoundation for taking action on behalf of those in dire need.”

O.N.E. – whose drink contains no added sugar, fat, cholesterol or preservatives, and is packed in environmentally sound Tetra Pak – is proud of its involvement in this effort. O.N.E.’s president, Rodrigo Veloso, says, “As a company founded on the ideal of using natural ingredients to promote healthy living, O.N.E. is committed to lending its resources to the fight for the most basic of all natural ingredients so scarce for millions today – clean drinking water.”

The limited edition coconut water drink can be purchased across the United States at Whole Foods and Krogers stores, and at

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