Eliza Dushku is once again using her birthday to raise funds for charity.

“My Holiday AND Birthday wish this year, is to bring beautiful LIGHT and LOVE to Gulu,” she said on her Crowrise fundraising page. "This holiday/Christmas, please help us LIGHT up our THRIVE-GULU center in northern Uganda! This gift of LIGHT will keep shining for years to come. We are currently renovating a small building on the acre of land we recently purchased – WITH YOUR HELP/DONATIONS OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS- in the war torn town of Gulu, northern Uganda. This site is where we will eventually build our permanent THRIVE-GULU Trauma Healing and Reflection Center. Presently there is a small building on the land that we have received funds to renovate. This will serve as our temporary home.

“Would you take a moment and consider helping us pay for installing electrical wiring and generators for our computer classes and for other outreach work we are presently doing in the area? Our “step-down transformer” installed on the border of our complex will light up the center and surrounding buildings as well. We will also need a high-capacity back-up generator for the many times when the city power goes out.

“It will cost us only $8,500 to provide LIGHT and electricity to this building, which would then allow us to operate effectively and utilize 20 new donated laptops and desktops that are being delivered just this month. Scores of people can then be trained to use the World Wide Web to empower their lives. This small cost would make the THRIVE Center an ever enduring light in the Gulu community.

“As little as $10 (or more if you choose!) would help us toward our humble goal in making the HOLIDAY LIGHTS FOR GULU CAMPAIGN a reality and success. Please give what you can, and warmest holiday wishes from THRIVE-GULU USA and our wonderful brothers and sisters who labor long and hard in restoring lives in Gulu, northern Uganda.”

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