Dennis Quaid is speaking out against medical errors, and he needs your support.

Quaid’s new-born twins almost died of an accidental Heparin overdose in 2007, and now the actor is throwing his weight behind a new ballot measure currently circulating across California.

“My family went through a frightening few weeks when our newborn twins received a near-fatal overdose and almost lost their lives,” he recently wrote in an email campaign. "Since then, I have learned that patient safety is a huge problem and that the medical industry needs to learn some lessons from the aviation industry, which has a zero tolerance policy for errors.

“You can do something about the crisis of medical errors by signing a new ballot measure circulating across the state of California, the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act.

“Troy, 10 years old, and Alana, 7, died because the health care industry has not done a good enough job keeping track of prescription medication. Their father, Bob, wrote this ballot measure to change things so other families won’t have to live through the tragedy his has.

“Please watch this short, 2-minute video about Bob Pack’s courageous fight and give us your signature for the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act.

“This patient safety reform can save lives. Please watch the video and help us by signing the Pack Act when you are approached at your local market.”

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