One of the world’s most iconic pop stars shared her support last week to seven young children in Los Angeles who have been bullied. Beyonce posted the Kids In The House anti-bullying PSA on Facebook, which encourages everyone to take a stand to end bullying.

“These children are so brave for speaking out and telling their personal stories of being bullied in order to help change the world,” posted Beyonce.

“It was very courageous of these kids to speak out and it makes them feel special to have an individual like Beyonce validate their efforts,” says Leana Greene, producer and director of the PSA.

Kids in the House interviewed children from the Los Angeles area who have experienced bullying, as well as leading bullying experts, to explore how to stop bullying, and to get clear advice on what to do when it happens.

The children in the video give a voice to the cost of bullying. The pain they have experienced is evident as you watch the video and hear their stories. Their courage in speaking out and Beyonce’s support of such an important message is a great reminder to kids across the nation that we need to join together to end bullying.

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Source: PR Newswire

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