UniRush, LLC announced today the grant recipients of this year’s RushCard Keep the Peace initiative, an annual program that supports nonprofit, community-based organizations and coalitions across the country that have developed unique and successful models for reducing violence in their neighborhoods, especially among young people.

Grant recipients have been chosen in the cities of New Orleans, Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and New York. Keep the Peace is a program under Rise to Thrive, RushCard’s community outreach initiative.

“Too many of our young people are dying needlessly in our communities. We must keep up the work to bring about change and provide safe neighborhoods for our youth,” said Russell Simmons, founder of RushCard. “I am so pleased that RushCard is supporting these organizations in their work to reduce violence and promote peace.”

This year’s RushCard-supported initiatives include a peace march with the Chicago International Youth Peace Movement, a photography workshop with the Devin Allen Photo Project in Baltimore, a mural painting and community outreach with 2-Cent and The Peace Keepers in New Orleans, a series of basketball games over five weeks with Boys Hope Girls Hope in Cincinnati, a video shoot with Community Coalition in Los Angeles and the recently-held group meditation and basketball game with LIFE Camp in New York. Each initiative will receive $25,000 from RushCard to help support and expand peacekeeping efforts and create opportunities to empower young people in their communities. RushCard will also launch an engagement campaign through which its cardholders can support the Keep the Peace initiative.

“On behalf of our card members, employees and board of directors, I’d like to thank these organizations for their efforts to bring peace and security to neighborhoods across the country,” said Rick Savard, CEO and Chairman of RushCard. “We are honored to be able to give back to these communities through RushCard’s Keep the Peace initiative and are confident that these grants will go a long way to support the good work that these organizations are doing in the communities we serve, ultimately making a difference in young people’s lives.”

To find out more about RushCard, click here.

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