Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have unveiled exciting new breast cancer awareness month initiatives that will spark conversations about the disease, the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women worldwide.

The first initiative, #BeABreastFriend, is launching with a video in the United States and 31 countries and urges women to support one another’s breast health by making a pledge to discuss it openly and reminds women of the need for exams and doctor visits.

The next initiative is a new blog, AllForTheBreast.org, that will serve as a resource to help women feel empowered when seeking access to quality care.

The new campaigns create the strong statement that breast health no longer needs to be a private matter. Multiplatinum singer and Avon Global Ambassador Fergie supports the campaign and will put a spotlight on the issue throughout October.

“Women talk about everything with their best friends – everything, except the topic of breast health. It’s time for us to step up and encourage our friends to know their risks, know their bodies, and talk to their doctors,” says Fergie. “Both of my parents are cancer survivors and I’ve lost my grandmother and uncle to the disease. I’m so thankful to help Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women raise awareness and support the fight against breast cancer and all cancers.”

The #BeABreastFriend campaign is the latest step in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which raises funds and awareness for critical research and access to care programs. The #BeABreastFriend campaign launches today with a new video that captures real, unedited conversations by women with their best friends. The video showcases that while the subject may seem awkward at first, women typically appreciate the comfort, support and encouragement from close family and friends after discussing breast cancer. Viewers are encouraged to share the video on their social channels and tag their “breast friends” using the unique hashtag.

The new blog, AllForTheBreast.org, shares stories, fosters conversations, showcases innovative programs, and deepens the understanding about breast cancer overall. By featuring the work of dedicated patient navigators, doctors, and organizations that are making a difference, the Avon Foundation aims to strengthen the ever-growing community of those affected by breast cancer. There are 1.7 million new cases across the world each year– and 232,670 new cases in the United States alone.

“With #BeABreastFriend, we are taking the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade one step further in achieving its goals by asking women to become part of a greater movement and sisterhood, while empowering them with information on AllForTheBreast.org. Similar to last year’s #CheckYourself campaign, we are asking everyone to take action – but this time it’s about taking action on behalf of your ‘breast friends’ and loved ones,” says Cheryl Heinonen, Avon Foundation for Women President and Avon Products, Inc. Chief Communications Officer. “As an army of six million social networks, Avon has tremendous potential to facilitate and enable women-to-women connections in the fight against breast cancer. We truly believe that the greater the support, the stronger the fight.”

Five Ways to Join the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade this October

1. Make the Promise to #BeABreastFriend: Become part of the #BeABreastFriend movement by watching the video, sharing it on your social channels, and tagging your “breast friends” using #BeABreastFriend.
2. Check Out the Avon Foundation’s New Blog AllForTheBreast.org: It’s important to care for yourself and one another because the stronger the support, the easier the fight.Spread the word about the new site, launched to help women feel empowered to seek access to quality care, talk to one another about their diagnoses, and become better caregivers and advocates for themselves and for others.
3. Donate & Shop Pink: Make a tax deductible donation to the Avon Foundation on AvonFoundation.org, or purchase an Avon Pink Ribbon product on avon.com. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, which supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services and scientific research.
4. Celebrate the Avon Foundation’s Heroes In Pink: Patient navigators, doctors, and caregivers are the true unspoken heroes throughout a breast cancer diagnosis. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Avon Foundation will spotlight six heroes in pink that work in hospitals, institutions, and grassroots organizations throughout the U.S. Learn how they are making a difference and share their stories by visiting AllForTheBreast.org.
5. Get Active: Join AVON 39 The Walk To End Breast Cancer New York (October 17-18). If you’re not ready to lace up your sneakers, there are seven walks across the country in 2016 from April to October. Sign up for the 2016 AVON 39 today at AVON39.org.

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