Joanna Krupa has teamed with PETA to write to Polish prime minister Beata Szydło, urging her to ban fur farming in Poland.

“Today, I would like to ask the government and all members of the Sejm to take a stand by advocating a ban on fur farming in Poland,” she wrote. “I was shocked to hear from my friends at PETA that Poland has become one of the biggest players in this cruel business in recent years, with nearly 11 million minks, foxes and raccoon dogs killed every year only for their fur.”

Poland is the second largest fur farming country in Europe, second only to Denmark.

"Cannibalism, injuries, illness, lack of veterinary care, aggression and stereotypical types of behaviour were some of the systemic problems observed on Polish fur farms during investigations by Otwarte Klatki," she wrote. "Social, intelligent and curious animals such as foxes, minks and raccoon dogs should not be confined, gassed, shot or electrocuted for luxury fashion.

“To stop this unnecessary cruelty, fur farming must be banned, as it already has been in many countries, including Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. Fox farming is banned in Denmark and the Netherlands.

“According to a 2014 public opinion poll by the Homo Homini polling institute, 55 per cent of the people in Poland already support a ban on fur farms. I would like to ask you to initiate a bill to ban fur farming in order to save the lives of millions of animals in the near future.”

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