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Earlier this fall, Jamie Foxx spoke to a crowd of 400 guests asking for support for an idea: world peace. This was not a beauty pageant.

It was all about Love Sees No Color, a documentary filmed through various countries to promote world peace, and the website.

The documentary was created by peace activist Fred Nassiri after a self examination of his life and what its purpose might be. To promote world peace seemed to be the answer. Then he created whose mission is “to be the first online portal that brings likeminded charities and organizations together to educate, gain exposure, and allow the online community to participate and donate in their unique charity and its individual platform.”

Asked what he would do with a billion dollars, Foxx says, “If I had a billion dollars, I would throw a big party. …and then let people have a voice. Get a whole lot of microphones from all over the world. Imagine microphones in every part of the world, and [Africans] talk about how they felt, about waking up today and how good they feel and what they want out of life. And only good things, you know. I would do something like that.”

But Foxx doesn’t have a billion dollars, so he’s asking for help: “I know this is LA and there are a lot of distractions, but don’t leave here and forget about the reason we are all here tonight. Support and make a difference.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds generated by will be donated to charity.

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