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Daniel Craig – currently starring in the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace – is shaken not stirred by his daughter’s online chatting habits, and believes specialist social networking lessons in schools would be the best way to warn young people of the dangers.

“As like any parent of a child using the internet, I worry for their safety,” said the 40-year-old actor. “My daughter is online quite a lot as like many other kids and I believe it should be made a bigger part of their education. We should be teaching Facebook studies in schools.”

Facebook – the world’s largest social networking site – currently has over 100 million users, each logging on for an average of 199 minutes each day.

“The internet plays a massive part in everyday life and children need to be aware of the dangers,” said Craig. “If information is going to be shared with the whole world online then the only way to protect children is to make them understand the implications. It will be near impossible to stop kids using sites like Facebook so we need to teach them how to use them safely and this should be done in schools.”

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