WebMD has released Innovations in Care, a two-part original video series developed in partnership with award-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien and her media production company, Starfish Media Group.

Paige Sanborn and Soledad O'Brien featured in WebMD Innovations in Care Series
Paige Sanborn and Soledad O'Brien featured in WebMD Innovations in Care Series

Innovations in Care explores the daily lives of two remarkable individuals in search of the best treatment options for potentially devastating health conditions: diabetes and high cholesterol. Told from their unique perspectives, the new signature series looks at the struggles faced by two patients who are proactively changing their lifestyles in an effort to win the constant battle to keep their illnesses in check.

To view the exclusive video series and related programming, please visit www.webmd.com/diabetes-innovations or www.webmd/cholesterol-innovations.

In this new signature video series, WebMD and O’Brien share the stories of Paige and Jonathan. Paige is a working mother of two who developed Type 2 diabetes after the birth of her first child. Jonathan suffers from familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disorder characterized by extremely high cholesterol levels. Because of this, he suffered a nearly-fatal heart attack at the young age of 28 and has since had to adapt his life accordingly.

“Utilizing the most advanced technologies available, today doctors are able to successfully manage, treat, and sometimes reverse conditions that have long plagued huge numbers of people,” said Soledad O’Brien, producer and host of Innovations in Care. “Although we are living in the golden age of medical advancements, many are still struggling to manage debilitating illnesses. This new series, developed by Starfish Media Group and WebMD, shares the inspiring stories of individuals and their families who are showing extraordinary resilience in the face of incredible health challenges.”

Innovations in Care Episode Synopses:

  • Diabetes: Paige Sanborn 
Paige is a working mother of two who initially developed gestational diabetes, which progressed to full-blown Type 2 diabetes after the birth of her first child. Having watched her own mother’s battle with the disease, Paige is acutely aware of its devastating effects. To that end, she has adapted virtually every aspect of her life to manage the condition, including a strict diet and exercise regimen.
  • Familial Hypocholesterolemia: Jonathan Karas
Jonathan was a seemingly healthy 28-year old man, active and fit, when he suffered a sudden heart attack. After three surgeries, Jonathan emerged from the hospital with a new prescription: a strict regimen of medication, exercise, and a careful diet. Now 41- years old, Jonathan lives in daily risk of another heart attack, fully aware of a disease that he can’t feel and that could claim his life without warning. Jonathan’s wife also has high cholesterol, and their young son, Max, requires regular, invasive treatments to manage the cholesterol levels in his blood.

“WebMD is committed to providing our audience with crucial, informative, and humanizing stories about the latest advances in medicine. Our mission is to broaden access to important healthcare information, and video is a powerful way to do this,” said Kristy Hammam, WebMD Editor-in-Chief. “We are excited to partner with Soledad O’Brien on this latest series, and we believe that these stories will give hope and provide health information to the legions of people who live with these diseases every day.”

Innovations in Care marks the second collaborative effort between WebMD and the Starfish Media Group. WebMD and Soledad O’Brien first partnered to develop original digital video programming in early 2016. The initial collaboration between WebMD and Starfish Media Group, Teens and Stress, documented the experience of teens, as well as the efforts of educators, influencers and administrators, to reduce the record levels of stress impacting kids in schools and homes across America.

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