This week, adored pin-up and animal advocate Pamela Anderson joined PETA's giant animal mascots to promote vegan food choices just ahead of World Vegan Month (November).


Holding signs which read, “Love Me – Don’t Eat Me”, the actor encouraged everyone to show compassion for the billions of animals slaughtered for their flesh every year.

“Eating animals is so yesterday. Animals are wonderful individuals, full of emotion and intelligence, which is why I urge everyone to see them as I do: as friends, not food”, says Anderson. “It’s now so easy to choose animal-, artery-, and eco-friendly vegan foods, whether for animals, the planet, your figure, or your arteries. Please just try it, and I think you’ll feel good inside and out!”

Why go vegan? For starters, butchering and eating other living beings is so yesterday, as Anderson notes – or rather, so Stone Age, so uncivilised. Animal-based agriculture will ruin the planet, too. It’s the reason why the United Nations has warned that a global shift towards a vegan diet must occur if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. And then there’s the fact that many of the Western world’s top killers – obesity, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer – are all linked to a meat- and dairy-based diet. But most importantly, eating vegan is the only way to stop billions of animals from suffering and dying on filthy, severely crowded factory farms and in abattoirs at the hands of the meat, dairy, and egg industries. PETA’s free vegan starter kits are downloadable from its website, where people can also sign a 30-day vegan pledge and receive helpful tips and advice on switching to a healthier, more humane, and more environmentally friendly diet.

Earlier this month, Anderson urged Prime Minister Theresa May to bring forward legislation banning wild-animal circuses, and she has received massive support for the move.

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