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British girl band Girls Aloud helped launch a scheme to promote the welfare of dogs by teaching children how to look after them this week.

The group are supporting an initiative established by the Dogs Trust – the UK’s largest dog charity – in which Nintendo will donate Nintendo DS consoles and copies of the Nintendogs game as part of an educational program designed to reduce the number of abandoned dogs in the UK.

“We are all dog lovers ourselves so are fully supportive of this scheme which teaches kids what looking after a dog really involves,” said the group – who appear in an advert for Nintendogs – in a statement. “We all love our Nintendo DS’s… there’s always something to keep us laughing and entertained – the different DS colors mean we never get them mixed up too!”

The Dogs Trust believes that the Nintendogs program will encourage young dog lovers to seriously think about the needs of a real animal before they pester their parents for one.

More info about Dogs Trust can be found at their website.

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