Prizeo is giving you the chance to win a shiny birthday lunch with Nathan Fillion… and all you have to do to enter is donate to charity.

“For a $10 donation to Sawla Children’s Home, you’ll be entered to win a trip to Los Angeles to have a birthday lunch with me!” says Nathan. "If you donate more to Sawla, we’ll give you extra chances to win and rewards at each of the different donation levels — t-shirts, signed scripts and posters, thank you videos, so many options!

“This truly means the world to me, helping me celebrate my birthday by supporting such a great cause.”

International Assistance Program has impacted the lives of thousands of people through its professional involvement in implementing challenging western business practices in underdeveloped countries.

In June, 2007, IAP established the Sawla Children’s Home in northwest Ghana. Sawla Children’s Home has cared for almost 50 orphans, providing for their basic needs and more. Now fed and healthy, these children are rising to the top of their classes in school and are showing great promise for the future. Each child is now loved and part of an amazing family that is impacting the surrounding villages and communities.

To find out more about entering, click here.

“Already a lot of people excited about lunch!” tweeted Nathan. “I think I’ll start with a salad. With a hamburger on it.”

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