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Film-maker and activist Michael Moore has rethought his strategy on how to get Trump out of the White House. He’s not about to launch a new movie disclosing cover-ups and shady deals. He’s about to get on stage in Broadway and perform his new one-man show of humor, called The Terms of My Surrender, a few blocks from Trump Tower in New York City.

This is part of his new four-front strategy, which Moore describes as: “1) Mass citizen action; 2) Run candidates who can win; 3) Tie him up with court orders and injunctions; and, my personal favorite – 4) Form an Army of Satirists with the belief that we can bring him down with humor, comedy and ridicule – simply because his awfully thin skin just can’t take it.”

His live performances will be filled with material Moore says he’s been wanting to say uncensored for some time. “The old ways no longer work,” says Moore, “but a million women and men in the streets, that works. Bold, brash, out of the blue ideas are exactly what we need. This feels the way I felt when I made my first film, Roger & Me, trying something new and original and a fresh jolt to the American consciousness.”

The Terms of My Surrender will run for 12 weeks from July 28th at the Belasco Theatre. Tickets are on sale now at Telecharge.

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