In the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, just one of his administration’s many assaults on environmental protection – LCV Education Fund announced a new chapter in Rock The Earth’s work to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities.

Rock the Earth, which since 2002 has been an independent environmental advocacy and education organization amplifying environmental values and fighting for climate justice through the celebration of art, music, and culture, will now be a program of LCV Education Fund.

“From our start, we have been working to educate the public, advocate for environmental protections, organize communities and engage people in the civic process to help secure the long-term health of our democracy and our environment,” announced Gene Karpinski, President of the LCV Education Fund. “By bringing the well-known Rock the Earth brand and its supporters under our umbrella and collaborating with musicians, artists and their fans, our organizers will build a more inclusive and diverse force to influence policy makers and local leaders to take action on climate change and other important issues facing our planet and democracy.”

The LCV Education Fund works in collaboration with state partners, advocates for strong environmental protections, organizes communities to speak up about the environmental values and engages people in the democratic process in order to enact strong environmental laws. Artists and musicians are especially equipped to reach people at their core, crossing cultural and political divides that threaten our planet. By using music and art to reach people’s hearts, LCV Education Fund strives to engage youth and communities disproportionally impacted by environmental injustices to mobilize for change.

“Given the unprecedented threats to clean air, clean water, public lands, and the escalating climate crisis, we couldn’t imagine a better home for Rock the Earth,” said Rock the Earth founder Marc Ross. "LCV Education Fund is on the front lines of these issues, led by some of the most engaged and notable leaders of the entire environmental movement. Not only will LCV Education Fund provide Rock the Earth with more resources, but we believe that Rock the Earth will serve as a valuable brand and tool in their efforts, continuing our mission of “Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time.”

“Now more than ever before, it’s clear that we need people engaged to protect our public lands, waters and air. That’s why I’m excited to see groups like Rock the Earth and LCV Education Fund come together to form a powerful force for the planet,” notes singer and Rock the Earth Advisory Board Member Michael Franti. “Both have played an important role in educating the public on critical environmental issues.”

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