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Pamela Anderson was in Amsterdam this weekend to take part in the luxury goods expo the Millennium Fair, and took the opportunity to write a letter to the Netherlands’ Queen on behalf of PETA.

Anderson called on Queen Beatrix to ban fur farming in The Netherlands – an issue that is currently a hot topic in the European country.

“I’m thrilled to be visiting Holland this week not only because of the country’s charm but also because of its progressive outlook on two issues close to my heart: sex and animal rights,” wrote Anderson. “These topics overlap when it comes to fur: Nothing has less sex appeal than a fur coat. I was thrilled to learn from PETA and Bont voor Dieren that Holland has banned several kinds of fur farming, and I hope it will consider enacting a ban on all types of fur farming. The majority of Dutch citizens are opposed to wearing fur, and a ban on fur farming would be an enormous inspiration for other countries and animal lovers around the world. I hope my presence at the Millionaire Fair will encourage people to consider that they can have a look that kills without killing and that nobody should support gassing, strangling, or electrocuting animals—especially for a luxury item.”

Whilst at the Millennium Fair, Anderson also appeared on stage during a magic act by Dutch illusionist Hans Klok.

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