Announced from SXSW, Letters2Amy will unfold as a series of key events and mixed media moments.

Beginning with a touring interactive exhibition — it’s an art, performance & music initiative dedicated to supporting young British artists and offers special attention to self-belief, well-being and mental health awareness. It also includes a unique episodic documentary series of films exploring Amy Winehouse's influence, inspiration and legacy.

Letters2Amy Creative Director Phil Griffin said, “Our project is a very personal and important conversation with Amy herself. We aim to celebrate and focus energy on all that she gave so generously, to all that she touched through her life & music.”

Mr. Griffin continued, "For me Amy was always more vanguard than victim and despite her challenges, she always encouraged people around her to believe in themselves. To find honesty in their creativity and to take refuge in whatever art, music, dance, or films they loved. Even now through the incredible work of our partners at The Amy Winehouse Foundation her legacy is one of positive change in the lives of many. In Letters2Amy we’re simply offering a whole range of artists from many mediums a new creative platform to share the very big heart & soul she always had the courage to show us."

“Amy Winehouse was a unique artist and Letters2Amy will continue her legacy by supporting and highlighting British talent around the globe,” said Conrad Bird, Director, the GREAT Britain campaign. “Creative director Phil Griffin and producer Gabriel Gornell will bring the Letters2Amy experience to life and showcase the work of a British music icon, inspiring the next generation of creative talent in the UK and internationally.”

Producer Gabriel Gornell said, “We couldn’t be happier that the GREAT Britain campaign understood our Letters2Amy goals. Together, we’re going to raise spirits, provide support, and make a real difference. Specific cities, dates, and performances will be announced in the upcoming months. It’s truly exciting.”

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