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Fans of Katie Price – better known as Jordan – have the chance to bid for the opportunity to have afternoon tea with the model, with all proceeds going to charity.

The private tea party is for three girls and will take place at an exclusive London location to be announced later. Price has agreed to spend 45 minutes in private with the winners, who will then be welcome to carry on with their tea and sit and chat! Proceeds will go to The Disability Foundation, an organization that helps children and adults with all forms of illness and disability.

Price – who has an autistic and blind son – is also planning to run the London Marathon in April to raise money for several good causes.

The Disability Foundation aims to promote the lives of all disabled people, their families and carers, by supporting them in their desire to live an independent and dignified lifestyle – making their own choices. Their centre provides a “one stop shop” with an holistic approach to both conventional and complementary treatments and therapies. More information about the charity can be found at their website.

The auction ends on January 12, and can be accessed at Buy Once Give Twice.

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