Portia de Rossi is currently in Rwanda, and this week trekked to visit gorillas in their natural habitat.

Portia de Rossi Meets Gorillas in Rwanda
Portia de Rossi Meets Gorillas in Rwanda

“We visited the Mohoza group, which is made up of a male silverback (the very handsome and strong Mohoza), eight females, and three infants. The babies are so cute!” said Portia in her online journal. "Once you’ve been in the presence of mountain gorillas, you are forever changed. It made me think about the fragile success they’re experiencing. There were at least 14 gorilla babies born last year and a slight increase in their total population in the past few years. This wasn’t just luck.

“It’s because of the massive commitment to the gorillas from The Fossey Fund, the Rwandan Development Board and other conservation partners. So now is the time to double down, to get more people to learn about mountain gorillas and be wowed by them. This Campus will not only help them survive, but will let others come here and experience the same life-changing emotions I had here today.”

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