Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders – along with PETA and YouTube – are putting together a contest where fans can make their own video for the band’s hit song “Boots Of Chinese Plastic” from their latest album Break Up The Concrete.

Fans and animal lovers are being asked to create videos via YouTube, lip synching the song “Boots Of Chinese Plastic.” Contestants are also asked to show off their boots or shoes of plastic somewhere in the performance. One winner will be chosen by the band and later flown to Los Angeles to perform their version in the band’s video for the song.

“This is a fun way to raise awareness for a very serious cause,” said Hynde. “We are looking forward to seeing our fans and animal loving friends perform Boots of Chinese Plastic via YouTube”

The video will debut on the PETA, YouTube and Pretenders websites in an effort to raise awareness for PETA.

“We’re excited to have the casting net for this special Pretenders video be open to everyone via You Tube, with the promotion help of Apple QuickTime. The winner is going to have a lot of fun while supporting a great cause,” said Cory Llewellyn, head of digital promotion at Shangri La Music.

Band founder Chrissie Hynde has been one of the most outspoken activist for animal rights and has been a member of PETA for many years.

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