Los Angeles based nonprofit, If You Heard What I Heard, is proud to announce the release of Josh Gad's interview as part of its digital story-telling collection to preserve Holocaust memory and make it relatable for today. Gad’s interview is one of 40 interviews in total and is the nonprofit’s first celebrity interview since launching in April, 2021.

“To be able to share my grandfather’s story of survival during the Holocaust at a time where we’re seeing so much antisemitism, I hope those watching will gain a better understanding of the dangers of antisemitism, and how important it is that we all stand up to it,” said Gad. About participating in If You Heard What I Heard, Gad continued, “The work being done by If You Heard What I Heard is critical to ensuring we, as a society, make sure the world will never forget stories like the harrowing ones my grandparents shared with me.”

Of working with Gad, Founder and Executive Director, Carolyn Siegel shared “Josh is an exceptional storyteller, and he’s able to bring the audience into his grandfather’s experience in an immersive way. You come away from his interview inspired by the resilience with which Josh’s grandparents rebuilt their lives.” She continued, “Working with Josh has been a meaningful experience from the start. Our goal is to make sure the world will never forget about the Holocaust, and having his dedication and passion for sharing his grandfather’s story helps us in achieving that goal. I’m honored Josh trusted If You Heard What I Heard with sharing his grandfather’s story, and Josh’s important takeaways for all of us for today.”

Self-filmed on iPhone by Gad, Siegel collaborated with professional filmmaker Steven Hentges to edit the footage, ensuring the audience would be both captivated and inspired by Josh’s words.

As of today, the public can get a glimpse into Gad’s personal history and relationship with his grandparents by watching his interview exclusively at www.ifyouheardwhatiheard.com.

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