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British actress Samantha Morton is to address a rally of council workers today, March 9, protesting against the closure of a children’s home.

The 31-year-old, who was raised in a children’s home in Nottingham, wants the local city council to reconsider its proposal to close the unnamed home as part of plans to save money.

“Having been a child in care I would not be where I am today without the support of my residential social workers,” she told the Nottingham Evening Post. “Living in a children’s home for me was a positive experience. I beg the council to reconsider cutting these vital services to children in care, who are already as we know amongst the most vulnerable members of society.”

Morton is expected to address the protest in the Old Market Square in Nottingham city centre at 1pm.

“The proposal to close one children’s home is part of a continuing shift to provide the best type of accommodation for young children in our care,” said a council spokesperson. “No child will be affected adversely by the proposed closure.”

However, 24 jobs will be lost if the closure goes ahead. The protest, which follows a public ceremony celebrating the fifth anniversary of the city’s tram line, will take place as the council meets to set its budget for the year ahead.

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