Digit and his nationwide initiative Campaign for the Arts continues to gain momentum and support from the arts and entertainment industry. His campaign raises money for schools and not-for-profits, focuses on keeping the arts in schools, provides solutions to issues plaguing kids and promotes all genres of artists.

With the success of television programs like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and National Geographic, talented people from around the world have become stars. These popular TV programs focus on everything from music (Musicians, Leaders, Composers, Instrumentalists, Vocalists) and fine arts (Dance, Photography)

“Campaign for the Arts” focuses on the importance of maintaining the art programs in schools, while showcasing the immense talent of youth nationwide. The Programs are in music (Musicians-Leaders, Composers, Instrumentalists, Vocalists) and fine arts (Painting, Sculpture, Dance, Theater, Photography).

The Lisa Lopes Foundation will host the campaign events and a portion of all proceeds raised will go toward the foundation, while additional proceeds will go toward the charities and schools chosen to participate as a partner.

Not-for-Profit Organizations and schools are chosen based on their level of commitment, current programs and through the recommendations of sponsors. With assistance from Music Producers, EP’s will be used to help raise funds. This initiative will allow artists to combine their talent to make chart topping EP’s in support of this campaign. The unified message is that “protecting the vision and creativity of artists, is not an option.”

Update: Campaign for the Arts, Digit and the Lisa Lopes Foundation will be recognized at an upcoming event on April 18, 2009 in Atlanta, G.A., hosted by E.A.P. Entertainment and A.H. Entertainment. Independent Recording Artist “Digit” will be performing “Live” at this event.

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