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When Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor asked fans for help, they answered to the tune of $260,000+ in just two days to help a man in dire need of a heart transplant.

Reznor asked for donations – via his Twitter page and a special donation page on the NIN website – to help 27 year-old Eric De La Cruz, who urgently needs a new heart but can’t get medical insurance. While Cruz’s family struggles to raise the estimated $780,000 to complete the operation, NIN fans are stepping up to help – and earning some incredible benefits.

According to the band’s website, fans who donated $1,000 to help Cruz will be invited to “hang out with us” before the Nine Inch Nails/ Jane's Addiction tour taking place in the USA.

“You and a guest can watch sound check, eat dinner backstage with us, take pics/get autographs and watch the show from the side of the stage if you’d like.”

Fans who donate $300 get to watch a sound check session and meet the band.

’Eric’s situation shines a bright light on a broken health care system, and his particular set of problems are being addressed on the political front, aiming for reform in addition to the need for immediate financial help to keep him alive TODAY. I think we can help with the latter,’ writes Reznor in a letter on the special donation page.

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