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Orlando Bloom's Australian model girlfriend Miranda Kerr appears on the cover of the latest edition of the Aussie edition of Rolling Stone magazine naked and tied to a tree to raise awareness of the plight of koalas.

The 26-year-old is the face of the Australian Koala Foundation’s No Tree, No Me campaign. Established in 1986 by two veterinary scientists, Barry Scott and Steve Brown, the Australian Koala Foundation aims to eradicate the threats to the survival of koalas, of which there are only 100,000 left in the wild.

“Having grown up with koalas in my backyard, it would be truly devastating for me to see them disappear,” said Kerr, who grew up in Gunnedah NSW, which is known as the koala capital of the world. “I feel strongly about the need to protect our natural environment because it supports our life – it really is that simple. It’s a sad thing – there are only about 100,000 koalas left in Australia. Something like 80 per cent of the koalas’ habitat has been destroyed since Europeans arrived in Australia. The great thing about having people recognize you is you can try to make a positive difference – that’s what I’m trying to do, especially for young women.”

To find out more about the Australian Koala Foundation and the campaign, click here.

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