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Former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters has spoken out against the controversial fence surrounding Israel’s West Bank.

The singer and guitarist – who last performed in Israel in 2006 – is disappointed by progress in the region since his last visit, and has offered to hold another concert in the area if the fence is taken down.

“It’s actually very, pretty depressing, coming back here three years later and seeing that the political situation has changed very little – there are more settlements, there has been more grabbing of land,” he said during a visit to the Ayda Refugee Camp yesterday, June 2. “This is a bad thing. This is wrong. This is not helping anybody, this thing. If they take this thing down, I would be delighted to come and do a concert here. In fact, I would insist on it.”

The concert would be the second time Waters has performed at such a historical event – in 1990 he played a special concert when the Berlin Wall was dismantled.

The fence around the West Bank was erected in 2002 to stop Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel. It is around 670km (420 miles) and eight meters high.

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