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Angelina Jolie has recorded a PSA for World Refugee Day urging people not to ignore the plight of those forced to leave their homelands.

Speaking for the UNHCR, the actress speaks about the millions of refugees without homes or identities around the world: “Please don’t turn away. Refugees are the most vulnerable people on earth. Every day, they are fighting to survive. They deserve our respect.”

World Refugee Day will be held on June 20 and aims to raise awareness of the 34 million people of concern to UNHCR who face a shortage or lack of the essentials of life – clean water, food, sanitation, shelter, health care and protection from violence and abuse.

The UNHCR says: "A comprehensive assessment of the needs of refugees and other people cared for by the UN refugee agency revealed that 30 percent were unmet – a third of them in basic and essential services. Improvements in nutrition and water supplies, access to primary health care, strengthened child protection programmes, better protection for women from sexual violence and abuse, and improvements in living conditions and sanitation facilities are just some of the needs that are not being met worldwide.

“This World Refugee Day we ask you to remember the millions of forcibly displaced and stateless people under our care who are struggling with their day-to-day lives. One thing connects them all: basic needs that must be met so they have a chance to rebuild their lives.”

To find out how you can help, and to watch Jolie’s PSA, visit the UNHCR website.

“Please do not forget them. Remember them on this day. World Refugee Day.”

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