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New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe took a break from filming Robin Hood last week to visit a British charity shop and donate £1,000.

The 45-year-old had earlier shown his generosity when he gave a co-worker on his current film money to buy a new car after hers was destroyed. Now he took the time to visit a Cancer Research UK and talk to staff.

“We couldn’t believe it when Russell Crowe came in and gave us the money,” said a staff member. “We knew he was in the area and we were all hoping to see him, but we never thought we would get quite so close to him. We were all a bit star-struck, but it was lovely to meet him, and he stopped and took the time to speak to us.”

Last month, the actor gave staff at a Welsh pub a £600 tip.

“Now if anyone badmouths him I tell them to shut up,” said the bar staff. “He could have paid and just left, but they stayed instead and entertained us. Then he paid us that tip – it’s the last thing you expect. He seemed quite friendly and chatty like a really nice guy.”

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