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Actress Jessica Alba was at the Clinton Global Initiative last week to publicize the 1GOAL campaign, which aims to ensure that the legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup will provide universal access to education for all children. And now she has blogged about her support.

“President Clinton convened his Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting last week in New York City and I was fortunate to attend,” she wrote in the Huffington Post. "While there, I received a first class education, listening as some of the world’s brightest and most committed people argued and agreed on new ways to solve the most pressing problems, from global education to climate change. I spoke with activists, policy experts, generals, CEOs and everyday people working tirelessly at non-profits and NGOs in countries around the world. From them, I learned about ways we can all assist in reducing the obstacles to creating systemic change.

“I was part of a CGI commitment with 1GOAL: Education for All to talk about the 75 million children denied access to education around the world today. If you’re keeping count, that’s as if every school in the U.S. and Europe combined decided one day to close their doors. Joining Global Co-Chair Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, ONE co-founder Bono, FIFA and private sector leaders, I signed up to be US Co-Chair of 1GOAL and help work for a breakthrough on global education centered around the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“The 2010 World Cup will be the first hosted by Africa, and 1GOAL views the world’s biggest sporting event as an opportune platform to persuade the millions of fans who peacefully come together to share the love of soccer to also unite on educating the world’s children. Our goal is to sign up 30 million World Cup supporters to call on our leaders to make education for all children a priority and reality. Name by name, we believe we can bring attention to global education disparities and make change a reality.”

“My teachers this past week were the very best in their respective fields. I was humbled by the experience, but more importantly, I walked away optimistic about the tangible results the 1GOAL commitment will generate. I’m thankful to President Clinton, Queen Rania, Bono and the rest of the cultural influencers and educators who took the time out of their busy schedules to engage in such a productive forum. I look forward to attending next year’s CGI and giving a report there on the impact of 1GOAL."

To find out how you can join Jessica Alba and Bono at 1GOAL, visit the official website . To read Jessica’s full blog, click here

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